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‘Official’ Documents Fraud: “Records Division”, Direct Mail Processing LLC

Got an interesting bit of mail today, pretending to be ‘time sensitive’ ‘second notice’ ‘important documents’:

The Envelope

The from is ‘Records Division’, P.O. Box 2910, Kennesaw, GA 30156-9843.

Inside, there was a document labeled ‘T-2’ and titled ‘2020 Benefit Information For Idaho Citizens Only’.

The Insert Meant To Look Like A Tax Document

Looks an awful lot like an IRS or state tax document, right?

Of course, after all of the official looking (but fake) text, they include ‘Not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency.’ in small letters.

There’s also a web address,

Where To Send It To

This fake ‘tax’ document is supposed to be mailed back to Direct Mail Processing, LLC P.O. Box 100080, Kennesaw, GA 30156-9912.

A quick google of brings up some interesting background on this company. ScamPulse in particular has some interesting reports – most of them about misleading mailings targeting elderly victims. makes dubious claims of not being involved with the scam mailings they are handling:

Their Website Claims

Protect yourself and your friends and family by making sure they can recognize these scams. As always, if you believe you have been the victim of a scam, contact your state’s consumer protection agency.


  1. Stasia Osment Stasia Osment

    I rcvd the exact same piece of mail but for California citizens only. What can be done to this Friday mailing? Isn’t there a way to make them accountable? It worries me that I’m on their mailing list. There should be some type of mail fraud to make them accountable! Thank you to the above person who submitted their information that I could identify with.

    • brielle brielle

      Unfortunately, they’ll just argue that they aren’t actually breaking any laws or consumer protection provisions because they didn’t actually claim its a govt program or document. Sucks I know.

  2. Denise T Kavanaugh Denise T Kavanaugh

    They sent me one notice…..FYI, new PO BOx address……Teturn address, Recirds Division, PO Box 100080, Kennesae, GAV30156-9912…….with return Envelope to Direct Mail Processing…

    Regarding signing up for Medicare prior to 65th birthday

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