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Tag: password management

BitWarden (Open Source Rust Implementation) Debian Builds

You might have heard of BitWarden – a free/open source password management service that is a lot like LastPass.  I use it pretty heavily here thanks to the integration with various web browsers and iOS.

The original BitWarden server is kinda large and clunky.  A third party has re-implemented it in Rust with a much smaller footprint is API compatible with the official server.

As I’m not a fan of Docker, Bitwarden_rs was initially going to be a no-go for me due to it being distributed as a container by default.  However, another individual as nice enough to provide a build script and premade .deb files of it that doesn’t require docker to be installed.

The original build script author has been quiet since October, and there has been a few upgrades to Bitwarden_rs in the meantime leading to an outdated repo.  I’ve forked the repo on Github, updated the build script, and released updated .deb files for the latest upstream release.